1 day left to nominate!!!

2018 Headline Nominee List

We're doing good, but these are the categories that still need entries to be judged!

Another Hero Award  [Best Character Vid]
Staring at the Sun Award  [Best Tribute Vid]
Pendragon Pride Award  [Best Gen Fic, Uther]
Heart of Camelot Award  [Best Romance Fic, Uther]
Sins of the Father Award  [Best Smut, Uther]
Best Thing Since Rainbows Award  [Best Gen Fic, Other Character]
Imagine You and Me Award  [Best Romance, Other Character]
Gold Blend Award  [Best Smut, Other Character]
Legal Assassin Award  [Best Dark, Other Character]
Over our Head Award  [Best Meta]

I know there's lots of wonderful work out there.  I need you guys to help me find them!!!


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