Happy Birthday, Tony!!!

Hi all,

Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for.  All the judging is done and the votes are in and counted.  We have our winners!

We are doing some last minute sorting and putting the final touches on the award banners.  The announcements will be posted shortly.

Thank you to all who participated and made this another great year!!!


1 day left to nominate!!!

2018 Headline Nominee List

We're doing good, but these are the categories that still need entries to be judged!

Another Hero Award  [Best Character Vid]
Staring at the Sun Award  [Best Tribute Vid]
Pendragon Pride Award  [Best Gen Fic, Uther]
Heart of Camelot Award  [Best Romance Fic, Uther]
Sins of the Father Award  [Best Smut, Uther]
Best Thing Since Rainbows Award  [Best Gen Fic, Other Character]
Imagine You and Me Award  [Best Romance, Other Character]
Gold Blend Award  [Best Smut, Other Character]
Legal Assassin Award  [Best Dark, Other Character]
Over our Head Award  [Best Meta]

I know there's lots of wonderful work out there.  I need you guys to help me find them!!!


Get Your Nominations Ready!!!

The Headline Awards open tomorrow.  We have new rules for this year that allows only 8 nominations per category.  So, don’t wait to get your’s in!  As always, any work based around any character played by Anthony Head is what we’re looking for.  We can wait to see the gems you dig up for us.

You can check out our new RULES HERE.

And find the perfect category for your nomination HERE.