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19 February 2016 @ 03:32 am
Voting for the 2016 Headline Awards is now closed. Thank you to all who participated. Winners will be posted Feb. 20th.
Cast your votes here!!!

Please read the rules at the top before casting your votes.  Have fun!

Thanks to all of you who nominated.

Voting for the Fan Favorite awards will begin soon.  Please go look through all of the wonderful nominations and decide which will get your vote.

20 January 2016 @ 05:27 am
Don't forget to make sure the stories you love are on our list.
Please look over our RULES before submitting your nominations.  You can find all of our CATEGORIES here, and a list of PAST WINNERS here.  You may submit as many nominees as you like.  If you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact the mods at headlineawards@gmail.com.  Give your favorite artists some love and Have Fun!

Go nominate here!!!
30 December 2015 @ 08:45 pm

Past Winners List

Having previously won, these works are no longer eligible for nomination in that category.  They can, however be nominated in any other relevant category.  Also, if you are looking for a reading list, there is a reason these works are winners.

Video Awards
The Another Hero Award
2015 - Nathan Wallace – Demons by Gilescandy
2016 - Uther Pendragon – Run to You by Gilescandy

The Messing with Magic Award
2015 - The Odd Couple by polly1esther
2016 - Under My Skin (Giles/Jenny) by amyfawlty

The Staring at the Sun Award
2015 - Happy Birthday Anthony Head (2012) by Dracofidus
2016 - Happy Birthday Anthony Head (2011) by MontHulmeProductions

The Under My Skin Award
2015 - Anthony Head - A perfect human being by Dracofidus
2016 - Masochism Tango (Giles/Ethan) by Randigiles1

Art and Graphics Awards
The Qu’est Ce Que Ji’a Fait Award
2015 - Dawn AU: Young Dawn and Giles by onegirlinalltheworld
2016 - Father’s Footsteps (Uther & Arthur) by Gatergirl79

The Change Award
2015 - Hobbit Giles by smth-blue
2016 - The Power Within by sueworld

The Owning My Mistakes Award
2015 - An Ode to Plaid by Dracofidus
2016 - Triple ASH or Something by lebzpel

The Angels in Many Guises Award
2015 - Uneasy Lies the Head by Dracofidus
2016 - Triple ASH or Something by lebzpel

Fiction Awards

The Watcher Watchers Award
2015 - On This Side of Goodbye by Dragonyphoenix
2016 - The Innocent Sleep by il mio capitano

The Twosome of Cuteness Award
2015 - The Apocalypse Stone by Antennapedia
2016 - blindr dot com, or, the importance of coconut-milk lattes to long-term success by antennapedia

The Good Squirm Award
2015 - Doing It Wrong by thea-bromine
2016 - Ex Officio by sparklebutch

The Dark Age Award
2015 - Mission Accomplished by Beer Good Foamy
2016 - Sting by eurydice72

The Rather British Award
2015 - Watcher's End by il_mio_capitano
2016 - Lies My Lover Told Me by Glassdarkly (shapinglight)

The You Were the One I Loved Award
2015 - Finding Grace by Gilescandy
2016 - Everything Changes (Giles/Jack Harkness, Torchwood crossover) by Goddess Michele

The Pendragon Pride Award
2015 - A Matter of Opinion by takebuo_ishimatsu
2016 - In the Corner of His Eye by CaptainOzone

The Heart of Camelot Award
2015 - Lonely Clouds by oflittleuse
2016 - We Must Mourn Elsewhere by rohaa

The Sins of the Father Award
2015 - Ruffled by Leashy_bebes
2016 - The Seduction of Uther Pendragon by SPowell

The Wicked Day Award
2015 - Man Unmade by Gilescandy
2016 - In the Corner of His Eye by CaptainOzone

The I Am Your King! Award
2015 - The Brightest Fell by Eurydice72
2016 - Paternity by Selena

The Camelot’s Choice Award
2015 - Blood on Stone by Dracofidus
2016 - The Once and Future Watcher by  lears_daughter

Other Characters
The Best Thing Since Rainbows Award
2015 - Mrs Harry Biscuit's Book Of Household Decorum by Ankaret
2016 - Carolling (Herc Shipwright) by Jay_eagle

The Imagine You and Me Award
2015 - CEO in Distress by Starlithorizon
2016 - Vertigo (Oliver Sampson) by Shayheyred

The Gold Blend Award
2015 - Daniel’s Den by Kyrilu
2016 - Virtual Encounters (Oliver Sampson) by jedi_penguin

The Legal Assassin Award
2015 - Daniel’s Den by Kyrilu
2016 - Fathers (Nathan Wallace) by oldwickedsongs

The Behind Green Eyes Award
2015 - The Art of War by Alipeeps for David Whele
2016 - Captain Douglas Richardson by YellowBananaOwl for Herc Shipwright

The May the Best Man Win Award
2015 - Will You Stuggle, Miss Donovan? by Dracofidus
2016 - The Heart of a Lion (David Whele) by littleotter73

Additional Awards
The Little British Award
2015 - Two of Swords by ProtoNeoRomantic
2016 - Succession (Giles) by il_mio_capitano

The Epic Award
2015 - In the Morning of the Magicians by Indri
2016 - This Isn’t A Kingdom by ilovehowyouletmefall

The Mystical Convergence Award
2015 - Treasures of the Heart by Gilescandy
2016 - Shelf Life by beer_good

The Hydra Award
2015 - Finding Grace by Gilescandy
2016 - The Once and Future Watcher by  lears_daughter

The Over Our Head Award
2015 - What Happens When Obi-Wan Doesn't Die by molly-may
2016 - “For the Greater Good”: Giles in “Lies My Parents Told Me” by Trekker

25 December 2015 @ 07:01 pm